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What is the Watering Index?
  • An easy guide to using your irrigation controller when watering your yard.
  • Inform you of how much water your yard requires.
  • Provide you with monthly values that will adjust the time your yard is watered.
On the 1st of each month change the % key on your controller to the appropriate value for the month:

March 50%
April 70%
May 90%
June 100%
July 100%
August 90%
September 70%
October 50%

November is time to shut off your irrigation system for the winter!

pie chart

Where do the WI values come from?
- These are percentages based on historical plant water needs data (evapotranspiration).
- http://wwwcimis.water.ca.gov/cimis/welcome.jsp
- Program designed by John Wynn.

What are the benefits of participating?
- Using less water can result in:
- Lower water bills
- Less mowing because excess water accelerates lawn growth.
- Less fertilizer because excess water can leach fertilizer from the root zone.
- Less runoff onto sidewalks, driveways, etc.
- Aid in water conservation.

Contact the Water Resources Association (WRA) at 637-4378 so you can:
- Determine if your controller will work with the program.
- Receive a free home water survey that includes a leak check, showerheads and faucet aerators (installed), hose nozzle, water softener assistance.
- Receive free help from WRA personnel with setting up your irrigation schedule.

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